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Accredited, Interactive, Hybrid and Customizable Courses.
Guaranteed for success!

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eSTUDY's Accredited Online Library is filled with courses in categories such as Management, Operations, Legal & Compliance, Personal Development, Leadership and Interpersonal Development.

Quick to deploy on any platform, with offline capabilities and instant certifications. Your dedicated Account Manager will partner with you to ensure high adoption rates and excellent Return on Investment.


Let's ace your RoI!

Our mission is to Deliver Skills That Change Lives. Partner with us on this journey to use learning as a method to change lives.

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Rapid deployment

We integrate with almost any platform and deploy your chosen courses within as little as seven days.

End-User experience

We focus on creating an engaging, relevant and consistent learning environment, maximizing your Return on Investment.

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Any of our courses can be fully customized to your needs. Have you ever thought about an accredited onboarding or induction program?


Through a vast number of accredited courses, our focus is on the much-needed soft skills in today’s world of work.

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Let's take a guess...🤔 

These are some of your challenges:

We're not actually guessing here... these are real problems raised by our clients.

Lack of quality

Unattractive, non-goal driven and boring online reading will not produce results!

Time consuming

Months or even years of processes, planning and integrations delay your Return on Investment!

Poor Results

Without learner buy-in, management drive and business strategy, you will fail!


Why on Earth pay thousands for one learner to go on one course! That is nuts! US and NQF have their place, but not here!

What our clients are saying 📣


Litecia Samuels 
Europ Assistance South Africa

“eSTUDY is a strategic partner that knows how to meet our BEE strategic goals every year. A pleasure working with the team.”


Claire Jarratt
Abbott (Human Resources)

“eStudy are the consummate professionals and it has been a pleasure dealing with them from the moment we signed up with them. They assist us with our strategy and BBBEE requirements and are always only a phone call away.


Roshan Jacobs
Pharma Dynamics

“Loads of energy and innovation, keeping our business needs and interests at heart.”

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