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Top 5 B-BBEE Hacks For Skills Development

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The Ultimate Guide For 2022 Year-End

Be sure your Skills Development is ready for year-end

No More Overspending or Falling Short on Your BEE!
We're here to help you maximize on your Skills Development while saving you money!


We guarantee maximum Skills Development points on your scorecard!

Already have full points? This will help you keep the same points for less.


Take Advantage of Our:

  • Dedicated account managers,

  • Extraordinary recruitment processes,

  • Truly transformational learning programmes, and

  • Sector scorecard-aligned evidence packs to achieve excellent RoI and gain maximum points for your investment.

With year-end around the corner, companies can't afford to leave things to chance!

B-BBEE and Skills Development don't need to give you nightmares.

We have the best B-BBEE hacks for Skills Development


Skills Development
Guaranteed for maximum points and business value.

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Imagine if you could add up to 5 additional points on your scorecard WITHOUT spending more money? Well, we guarantee you this is possible! Already have full points? Then how about getting the same points with less cash? We'll put our money where our mouths are by offering you a risk-free scorecard analysis!

Disclaimer: We are not BEE consultants; we are ordinary people like you who figured out a way to optimise our precious cash investments for the maximum number of points! But we are backed up by our partner, BEE Analyst, who helps us to be TECHNICALLY CORRECT!

Remember - a Successful WSP & ATR submission can lead to a 20% cash back claim on the yearly SDL paid to SARS


Category A

We take care of beneficiary recruitment, validation and institution payments, and provide a full pack of quality-assured evidence.


Category B/C

Whether employed or unemployed, use our programmes to deliver learning that has a lasting impact. Our expert mentors will ensure a high impact for you and your learners.


Category D

Choose from over 60 SETA/QCTO learnerships and outsource the pain of managing regulations. We partner with trusted South African training providers to deliver exceptional results.


Category E

Our accredited Online Library is filled with courses in categories such as Management, Operations, Legal and Compliance, Personal Development, Leadership, and Interpersonal Development.


Category F/G

By tapping into our wide network of subject-matter experts, we can tailor courses to your needs. If you have your own and need to capitalise on it, no problem – we've got your back!

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Yes4Youth is an amazing opportunity to quickly gain an extra level on your scorecard. We offer a range of services including recruitment, project management and work placements.

BEE results we help achieve!

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