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Modern Staircase

SETA-approved award-winning Learning Experiences!

In one central place for all learning interventions.

From as little as R169 per user (including content).

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Upskill and reskill your workforce thanks to innovative technology and our experienced team. We bring a powerful learning experience platform that helps you build and distribute effective and engaging learning experiences. All in one place! Integrate it with your existing systems for a highly productive return on investment.

Check out the video HERE.

Results we achieve

Make the investment and earn BEE Points. It’s a no-brainer!

Learning Experience Platform you the power to scale quickly!

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Import, host and distribute any type of content

eSTUDY accredited content, your own content, third party content or content curated on the web.

Design high impact training programmes

Easily using a vast off-the-shelf selection of learning activities (poll, open questions, action plans, quizzes, editorials, SCORM, videos, documents, etc…).

Create a rich micro learning environment

Using learning channels, create on the job learning integrated in the flow of work.

Learning Analytics and Reporting

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Build your own dashboards

Integrate your data with any BI tool and visualize the data just like you need it.

Impactful visualizations are readily available

Demonstrate and monitor platform performance and learner engagement.

Empower line managers to control their team

Built-in Team analytics empower your line manager to monitor learning performance and approve training requests.

Mobile Learning

MyLearning App

The MyLearning App, offer one experience regardless of the device. Equip your learners to develop their skills wherever they are, anytime.

Offline learning

Put the power in your learner’s hands allowing them to learn on the go and completely offline.

Integration and APIs

What we do - Learning Tech - Integration and APIs.jpg

A single point of access for all your learning initiatives

Index your 3rd party content libraries to make them accessible for your learners directly from your CrossKnowledge Learning Platform.

The best learning experience possible

Make our solutions available in all areas of your own ecosystem.

50 APIs for a seamless integration with any solution

A comprehensive API library to automate most operations on your CrossKnowledge platform.

CK Connect

Deliver personalized ACCREDITED soft skill training at scale

Give your employees the training they need to unlock their human potential, work better with their team members, and earn CPD points.

Empower your managers to develop their teams

Help them better understand each team member and give them the power to increase overall levels of collaboration.

Drive organization wide mandatory training

Quickly deploy organizational mandatory training and empower your managers to monitor and drive completion.

See how Alstom got 40 000 employees to adopt new corporate values.


Automate your WSP/ATR/BEE Reports.

What we do - Learning Tech - eSDF My choice.jpg

SETA/BEE Management

Managing SETA templates, BEE evidence requirements, OFO Codes, Grant monitoring - all managed by eSDF. You just plug and play your data!

Time Saver!

 Save time by automatically recording all your training data in one place with immediate access to WSP/ATR/BEE reports.

Data and Evidence Collection Point

One consistent data and file storage in the cloud, clearly marked and named for consistency. Your auditors will love you forever!

Some of our clients

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