November 21, 2023

Why Is Intrapreneurship Important In Business?

In recent years, the rise of intrapreneurship has been hard to avoid. Businesses across the globe are beginning to recognise the many benefits that having a team of intrapreneurs can bring. However, what exactly is intrapreneurship, and how can it benefit your organisation?

What is intrapreneurship?

The term entrepreneur has been used for centuries and is the someone who starts their own business. On the other hand, an intrapreneur is an employee within an organisation who adopts a specific product or idea and turns it into a viable solution for that business.

These individuals possess the same critical thinking and skills as an entrepreneur, but rather than start on their own; they create a new structure within an existing business.

What are the benefits of intrapreneurship?

For businesses, there are many benefits to embracing intrapreneurs within your organisation. Research has shown that employees who are engaged and given the ability for greater autonomy are happier and more productive. This, in turn, helps your business not only enjoy better retention rates but also supports you in attracting the very best talent.

Of course, when you have the best talent working towards the same goal, this helps your business to grow and remain ahead of your competitors.

How can you train employees to become intrapreneurs?

While there can be no denying the many benefits of encouraging intrapreneurs in your business, it can be tough to develop that talent. That is why here at eStudy, we have created an array of learning and development programmes designed to help your business achieve its goals and attract the best talent.

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